Location: Moscow, Romanov street, 4

Customer: «RD Project Developmet B.V.»

Area: 8 000 m2

Stage: «Project», «Working documentation», «Conception», «Tender documentation»

Work: General designer, Consultant of Customer, Management and coordination, Implementation of engineering systems project

Year: 1996-2012

Reconstruction of the building in the heart of Moscow with phased commissioning (1, 2, 3 stages)

The three lines of the business center ROMANOV DVOR with the offices of the class «A+» represent a single complex of buildings with a total area of 51 500 m2 with developed infrastructure and an improved courtyard. The first building of the business complex was opened in 1998. Total area is more than 10,000 m2. The historical facade of the building of 1895-1897, which comes out to Romanov Alley, was carefully preserved during the reconstruction. In the past, the apartments of professors and teachers of the Moscow Imperial University were located here. The second building of the business complex, which was built from scratch, was opened in 2003. It has the largest area - around 31,000 m2 Besides offices for rent of class «A+» there is a common atrium with restaurant, premium fitness- and SPA-club “World Class Romanov”, flower boutique, cinema “Romanov Cinema”. The third building with a total area of about 12,000 m2 is the youngest and opened in 2014. The historical facade of the 1883 profitable house, which became part of the new building, has been restored and comes out to Romanov Alley. The architect of the project is Oleg Popov.