• Registration of initial permits
  • Obtaining of construction permits
  • Audit of project solutions and costs
  • Technical Supervision
  • Organization of the commissioning
  • Organization of tender procedures
  • Control of the volume and quality of construction
  • Deadline follow-up
  • Budget control
  • Coordination of subcontractors
  • Financial and technical audit of sites and buildings
  • Assessment of the urban development potential of the site
  • Audit of project documentation
  • Expert opinions
  • BIM consulting
  • Geological surveys
  • Geodetic surveys
  • Environmental surveys
  • Historical and cultural research
  • Pre-project studies (AGR, AGO, sketches)
  • Concept design (architecture, structure, MEP)
  • Architectural projects
  • Structural projects
  • MEP projects
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • General design (feasibility study, tender documents, working documentation)
  • Interior design and visualizations

BIM Technologies

Using BIM saves time, money, materials through more detailed planning and distribution of construction costs. The error in calculating materials using BIM-models is 2%, which is very small in comparison with the traditional approach. Also, when using BIM productivity can increase to 20%.

Design of high-rise buildings

M.K.3 is a member of the Council for High-Rise Buildings and Urban Environment of CTBUH and is a member of several working groups of the Council to develop the competence of high-rise construction in Russia. CTBUH compiles a list of the 100 highest buildings in the world. One of the key and unique projects of M.K.3 is the "Neskuchny Home & Spa" project in Moscow.


MK.3 is a certified auditor of the BREEAM international certification system. Developing, planning and executing our projects, we strive to carry out our activities in such a way as to protect the environment. One of our important projects is the eco-project to collect rainwater in the Aptekarsky Garden.