The MK 3 Design Bureau has been operating on the Russian market since 1994. More than 25 years of experience in multidisciplinary design and construction management allows us to lead the project from the idea to the subsequent operation of the facility. Our expertise is based on international and Russian experience, the application of innovative technologies, quality management. We are the leaders of digital design, a dynamic and progressively thinking team of professionals: architects, multidisciplinary engineers, designers, interior designers, technologists. We will ensure that your project is success at any stage: from the concept design to the working documentation, as we employ than 150 professionals in our team.
Our company name MK 3 stands for Management Concept Coordination Control, and these triple “C” are used as the guiding stars for all our activities, hence they are our key to success.

The MK 3 Design Bureau mobilizes all its resources (project managers, engineers, architects, etc.) for each new project, combining the talent and creativity of its teams with the use of the latest technologies.
The MK 3 Management is open to discuss any project: we do value each and every customer and believe that our loyalty to our partners and clients strengthens our reputation.

The MK 3 has its own internal CIP (Chief Engineer of Projects) school, and we provide great mentoring and coaching opportunities for junior employees.


Our first project - IRIS hotel in Moscow - was launched in 1989 by Robert Maldonado, the founder of MK 3.
However, the Russian branch was opened in 1994 and we consider this year as the year of MK 3 establishment.

«French architects and engineers have been greatly appreciated in Russia since the beginning of the XVIII century. When I came here, I also loved this country and worked here for many years».
Robert Maldonado
years of experience
500К м2
of projects per year
regions and cities
completed projects
projects abroad

Result is what we strive.


Dmitry Semenchenko
General Director

Мы используем наш опыт и творческий подход, чтобы сделать бизнес наших клиентов более успешным. Мы считаем, что наша командная работа позволяет МК 3  создавать проекты, которые улучшают те места, где мы все живем, работаем и отдыхаем. Мы умеем слышать наших заказчиков и стараемся быть с ними на одной волне. МК 3 является лидером в применении цифровых технологий проектирования (BIM), которые мы используем для наилучшего взаимодействия и сотрудничества со всеми членами проектной и строительной команд.

Sergey Shorokhov
Head of Project Bureau, Chief Project Engineer

Project management is a complex and multifaceted process. The secret of success is to find a balance between the Customer's requirements, the beauty of design solutions and real possibilities. We are supposed to help the customer not only to implement the technical task, but also to consider the economics of the project, so that the project is worthwhile at all stages of the life cycle of the building. To achieve all these ideas it is important to build the right team able to assess the Client’s needs, propose and substantiate their decisions. Solving of the most challenging problems brings us the greatest pleasure.

Anastasia Semenchenko
Commercial Director, co-founder

Our main clients are developers, industrial enterprises, corporate developers, retailers, institutional investors. We strive to make our clients satisfied, to understand the clients' business processes and features, establish trustworthy relationships while working on the project. MK 3 is the general designer, which is our advantage. We combine beauty, style, convenience, reliability and advanced technical solutions into a single whole, we are able to adjust projects to individual requirements of Clients, whether it is a factory, luxury housing or a multifunctional complex.

Alexander Schedrin
Исполнительный директор
Evgeniy Boltunov
Project Manager
Marina Ermolova
Project Manager
Vitaly Zhnov
Project Manager
Yury Kovalenko
Project Manager
Sergey Kopytov
Project Manager
Marina Demenova
Project Manager
Ренат Таиров
Project Manager
Yuri Bazylev
BIM Manager
Svetlana Prostova
Chief Project Architect
Браташова Ирина
Chief Project Architect
Yulia Shirshova
Chief Project Architect
Denis Fishman
Chief Project Engineer
Elena Sorokina
Chief Project Engineer
Andrey Panov
Chief Project Engineer
Mikhail Isaev
Chief Project Engineer, Technologist
Дмитрий Бренцис
Chief Project Engineer
Александр Малахов
Chief Project Engineer
Alexander Ivlev
Руководитель отдела электроснабжения и освещения
Наталия Дудник
Руководитель отдела отопления, вентиляции и кондиционирования
Timur Yanbulat
Руководитель отдела водоснабжения и водоотведения
Maksim Smolianinov
Lead Design Engineer of low-current systems
Борис Таюрский
Главный конструктор
Дмитрий Жуков
Главный конструктор
Vasily Vasin
Viktoria Lobanova
Architect - designer
Alexandr Sarro
BIM Coordinator
Оксана Иванова
Архитектор генпланист



The scope of our projects extends beyond the Russian Federation. We enjoy the trust of both Russian and foreign customers . Our clients appreciate our professionalism, innovative non-standard solutions and diligent approach to our work.