MK 3 creates an alliance between human genius and technological mastery to provide the most suitable solutions for all projects entrusted to us.

We strive to create concepts and projects where aesthetics, functionality, economy, eco-friendliness are combined in the optimal ratio



Rainwater harvesting for the watering of tropical plants in the greenhouse of Apothecary garden (Botanical Garden of Moscow State University) - one of such projects has become the winner of the IX Russian National Prize for Landscape Architecture in the category "Best Object of Ecological, Engineering Design". The «Apothecary garden» contains rare species and varieties of plants not adapted to the Russian climate. Moreover, they should not be watered with running water, as the chemical composition of the liquid is not suitable for garden care.

Rainwater system for watering plants in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, designed by engineers of MK 3 - the first project of this kind in Russia among gardens and parks. The project involved the roof of the greenhouse of the garden, with an area of more than 2 thousand square. meters. It allows you to receive from April to October about 80 cubic meters. It is not possible to build a new building. meters of water per month. The system saves up to 20% of water from the water supply.

Rainwater is used to irrigate plants. The system consists of underground storage tanks, where water is protected and filtered, and a plant irrigation system. The surplus is redirected to watering the arboretum collections and to maintaining the level of street water, including the pond.



MK 3 developed the architectural and engineering concept of TC «Aquarelle» in Volgograd city. According to the operating company, the commercial center is comfortable even on the hottest day. Robert Maldonado, founder of MK 3, proposed to «Watercolors» managers how to reduce the cost of the refrigeration center, primarily due to the following two components
- Reduced investment when connecting the facility to power grids
- Reduce the cost of maintenance of the refrigeration system.

He proposed to use the most innovative Cristopia tanks from the French company CIAT. 4 huge cylinders installed in the service area of «Watercolors», continuously accumulate cold. They are environmentally friendly: their batteries save electricity consumption. «Watercolor» - became the second in Russia, where this technology was applied. TC «Watercolor» received the BREEAM-in-use certificate with a high rating of very good (very good) on the international environmental system.



Talented designers and architects of MK 3 will help to realize any ideas. For example, the ideas of one of the leaders of the fitness industry of CWA David Barton (David Barton) found their way to the 2000 m2 Anvil fitness club on the Sparrow Mountains. Project challenging, glamorous, hooligan. Sculptures and graffiti. Swords and skulls. Giant clock and medieval ladies. Thinker with mirror instead of head. And of course, excellent quality sports flooring, super light and music. David came into the fitness industry from the nightclub industry and set us a challenge - to make each incoming feel the unusual atmosphere of the club. We found the right ideas and made Anvil a unique place.